COVID-19 Information

A message to our customers/community

At Boshang, we take the wellbeing of our community and our team very seriously, and are doing all we can to continue providing you with the products you love, whilst we follow government guidelines to protect the health of our staff and of our customers.

This is reflected in our estimated delivery times: as we take extra health and safety measures into consideration this may mean some delay to your orders.

Much research has been carried out around the way in which cannabinoids interact with the body's immune system to effectively counteract harmful agents. Turmeric is also known to support the body's immunity, especially during times of stress or the winter, when you need a little extra boost. Whilst we're not making any claims that our products can be used as cures or treatments for Coronavirus, we believe there's no harm adding supplementary products which boost the immune system in a natural way to your lifestyle.

During this difficult time of uncertainty, we endeavour to provide you with a healthy dose of escapism through our online content. We hope you enjoy deepening your understanding of our products and of the studies around the natural ingredients we use through the blog posts we publish.

We encourage you to check out our Recipes for ideas on how to integrate Boshang products into your daily diet, and hope it inspires you to create some recipes of your own, which we hope you'll share with us too!

Stay safe