We are passionate about education on our ingredients and technology, more information about journals and studies we analyse please contact us.  Please find our leading studies below.
1.  We have attached below details about our study tested against liposomal versions of our ingredients, namely, Turmeric and Vitamin C.  The Award winning My Cell technology we use with our Swiss lab has been tested for its absorption comparing with leading lipsomal versions and have shown to increase absorption significantly as you would expect with technology using Micelle applications.  We have shown results to prove our application is consistent and reaches target cells with maximum efficiency.  Numerous tests have shown an absorption rate of a minimum of 92% and have reached close to 100% in many cases.  We look forward to providing more tests and studies for you in due course.
We have also carried out tests against COVID to very strong results with our formulation used for treatment with hospital supervision.
- …these [Mycell] supplements are safe and effective…
-  Mycell Curcumin represented a 264-fold increase in activity to destroy cancer cells compared to free curcumin… Mycell Vitamin C was over 75 times more potent than free vitamin C” 
- The possibility of being able to use a combination of MyCellEnhanced supplement types for cancer preventative and treatment protocols will revolutionize our options in treating cancer.
- The treatment is safe and efficacious.
- The children [n=112] showed 90.2% parasite-free at 60 days and 85.1% [parasite-free] at 730 days. The babies [n=15] revealed 93.3% parasite-free at 60 days.
- …all aspects of the humoral, cellular, and innate immunity are involved in the long-term immunity against P. falciparum (Malaria)… a type of “in vivo immunization
- …a real possibility for a cure of malaria…” • “This research also introduces the hope of curing bacterial and viral diseases, cancer and other life-threatening diseases
- The interim results] met all primary end points for the safety and efficacy of the treatment.
- Interim Results met key FDA primary endpoint of sustained clinical recovery, preventing the need of intensive care in high risk patients or invasive mechanical ventilation
- Results are consistent with, and complement, the in-vivo and in-vitro results to date which show safety and reduction in excessive inflammatory response known as cytokine storm
- In the treatment group all patients recorded no pain at all, whilst in the placebo group all patients experienced various levels of pain
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Our Tests are carried by 2 independent Testing Houses as well as by our own team.  These results have been published under European guidelines on testing CBD based products.  For any questions on our tests please Contact Us.
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