Corporate Responsibility

Boshang Principles

High Standards

We are committed to producing and delivering all our products to the utmost standards of health, safety and quality. For more information on the origins of the ingredients we use, visit About Our Products.


We're at a crucial moment as a planet, and at Boshang we believe its the responsibility of every business (and individual) to do as much as possible to leave zero trace, and to have only a positive impact on our immediate environment. We do all we can to ensure our ingredients are cultivated and sourced sustainably. Watch this space to learn more about how Boshang endeavours to be sustainable in all our operations on our blog.

Ethical Priorities

We are an inclusive company, providing equal opportunities and celebrating diversity. At Boshang we're committed to ensuring everyone who works with us is treated fairly.

Community Driven

It's important to us that our customers feel catered to and heard, and we encourage all our customers to stay in touch, tell us about their experience with our products, and any queries or doubts that might arise. This way we can learn and grow together.

Science Backed

We believe learning to be a continuous process, which is why we're constantly educating ourselves around any developments in research and studies on the natural ingredients we sell and promote. We then share our learnings via our blog and social media, to allow total transparency with our community whenever new clinical research emerges, and to encourage our customers to also educate themselves within this rapidly evolving sector. It's our aim to deliver accessible content (with a handy glossary for scientific terminology) which will help our community understand exactly how these ingredients interact with the human body.

No Claims

At Boshang, we do not make any health claims about our products. The opinions and information shared in our Blog and Recipes section, as well as any company content or user-published content is not intended to impose any health claims about Boshang products. Our customers' wellbeing is a top priority, and we understand how differently each individual can react to natural ingredients.

Law and Health

All our products adhere to the UK government guidelines on the use of CBD and all other natural ingredients. Our products are food supplements and we do not make any claim of health benefits, nor do we encourage customers to self diagnose or self prescribe with our range of products or based on any of our online content.