Our aim at BOSHANG is to offer users an alternative to capsules and oils, but more importantly, to maximise the absorption rate of our supplements. Below are details on our technology showing reports of the significantly higher absorption rate of our Micelle technology versus oils, powders and capsules on the market today. 



The Simple Science 

Our products are water based, to make them water soluble we convert our natural ingredients into oil drops then coat them with micelles, a protective jacket which prevents any water from seeping through. These now protected oil drops are then added to our water, sourced from the Swiss Alps and bottled, ready to be absorbed in the digestive system. These micelles are designed in the form which our body recognises and fully absorbs, allowing the contents of micelles to travel through the bloodstream and to where they can be beneficially used around the body. 



Origin of Micelle Technology 


PROBLEM: Our digestive System blocks 90% of nutrients we consume from entering the bloodstream. 

SOLUTION: Coat the nutrients with Micelles to let the digestive system provide full access to the blood stream. 

The breakthrough of micelles to be used for improving absorption for hard to absorb natural ingredients emerged as we found that our digestive system naturally goes through a process called micellisation around the nutrients we consume as long as it is in the form compatible to enter the blood stream in order to allow entrance into the blood stream. Most oils and capsules will find just 10% of their nutrients manage to micelise and enter the blood stream, the remaining reduced to waste. 

Micelle technology mimics the natural micellisation process allowing the digestive system to recognise and absorb all the nutrients into the bloodstream. 






BOSHANG offers a private label service not found on the market today. Our water-drop ingredients contain maximum absorption technology and packaged with unrivalled choice. We can mix ingredients, concentration levels, bottle, lid, labelling to build your brand to stand out against the crowd. We also offer extensive marketing options to help your consumer base understand the benefits your new supplement brand exudes. 



To give the example of Turmeric, our water drops contain Curcumin from Curcuma Longa and apply award-winning Micelle technology in our lab in Switzerland designed to offer pure Curcumin in its best form but in a high absorption delivery system. Where turmeric powder and capsules absorb less than 2% in the body, our micellised turmeric water drops absorb at least 92% in the body. A more practical, effective and natural form of consumption. 

Please find below just a handful of studies testing our technology. For more studies and details please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 20 8638 8646, or info@boshang.co.uk. 




We have below details about our study tested against liposomal versions of our ingredients, namely, Turmeric and Vitamin C. The Award winning (CPhI Formulation of the year - 2018) Micelle technology we use with our Swiss lab has been tested for its absorption in comparison with leading Lipsomal versions and have shown to increase absorption significantly. We have shown results to prove our application is consistent and reaches target cells with maximum efficiency. Numerous tests have shown an absorption rate of a minimum of 92% and have reached close to 100% in many cases. 

We have also carried out tests against COVID to very strong results with our formulation used for treatment with hospital supervision. 

 1. https://www.scirp.org/journal/paperinformation.aspx?paperid=74126


  • …these [Mycell] supplements are safe and effective… 
  • Mycell Curcumin represented a 264-fold increase in activity to destroy cancer cells compared to free curcumin… Mycell Vitamin C was over 75 times more potent than free vitamin C” 
  • The possibility of being able to use a combination of MyCellEnhanced supplement types for cancer preventative and treatment protocols will revolutionize our options in treating cancer. 



 2. https://www.scirp.org/journal/paperinformation.aspx?paperid=92066


  • The treatment is safe and efficacious. 
  • The children [n=112] showed 90.2% parasite-free at 60 days and 85.1% [parasite-free] at 730 days. The babies [n=15] revealed 93.3% parasite-free at 60 days. 
  • …all aspects of the humoral, cellular, and innate immunity are involved in the long-term immunity against P. falciparum (Malaria)… a type of “in vivo immunization 
  • …a real possibility for a cure of malaria…” • “This research also introduces the hope of curing bacterial and viral diseases, cancer and other life-threatening diseases 


 3. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04382040


  • The interim results] met all primary end points for the safety and efficacy of the treatment. 
  • Interim Results met key FDA primary endpoint of sustained clinical recovery, preventing the need of intensive care in high risk patients or invasive mechanical ventilation 
  • Results are consistent with, and complement, the in-vivo and in-vitro results to date which show safety and reduction in excessive inflammatory response known as cytokine storm 
  • In the treatment group all patients recorded no pain at all, whilst in the placebo group all patients experienced various levels of pain 




What separates our product offering to others in principally that we individualise our ingredients, ensuring a varying concentrations, for example, for high concentration Turmeric, each drop contains 3mg of Curcumin (we have chosen our curcumin supplier based on the high standard in production and the strength of the curcuminoid profile, which our findings show are distinct from other Micelle options, each drop of our Vitamin C contains 5mg which would the equivalent to 350mg of liponsmal offering, so highly concentrated. Many micelle technology we have looked at apply Nano technology in addition to Micelles, however, we have chosen to keep our products as clean and uncontroversial to the market. Our products contain just our Swiss Alps water source, Gum Arabic and highly concentrated individual ingredient (we can provide a full list of ingredients should you wish). 

Furthermore, we also offer ingredients that are less common, and that other micelle suppliers have yet to apply, which we can only disclose following further discussions and with an NDA. We are very excited about the sourcing and manufacture of our forthcoming ingredients. 



What are Micelles


 A detailed look at Micelles


Our drops are ideal for mixing with foods and drink and we work with UK based cafe’s, health and juice bars to offer businesses new products without a negative affect to their existing production or efforts. Customer’s have shown a strong interest in adding drops to their coffees, teas and smoothies and have provided feedback of their more effective result than their existing methods of consumption. 

We believe in flexibility and integrating turmeric into the well-being diet without the inconvenience of pills, or strong taste. Customers choosing to add our turmeric to their diet have found it non intrusive and more practical. 

Older generation, who have been strongly advised to take turmeric for their join pain and cell health are very appreciative of not taking yet more pills which are hard to swallow, but instead water drops that fit seamless into their diet. 


Not All Supplements Are Built The Same - Micelle Technology 

Supplements for the most part come in capsule or oil form and have no absorption technology, with around 10% being used in the body. Modern absorption technologies including Liposomal and Nano technology has shown to increase absorption significantly, however, they can come accompanied with unwanted ingredients such as polysorbat 80, and other potential carcinogens, many are also intimidated by nano technology as particles only pass through because they are small enough to avoid our body’s defences. We choose Micelle technology which has shown better results, mimics our body’s absorption process and includes no unwanted ingredients, allowing for the most effective delivery system for supplements today. An Award winning technology which will soon become the industry standard for increasing absorption of anti-inflammatory ingredients. 


For more details call or WhatsApp us on +44 (0) 20 86388646, or email us at info@boshang.co.uk.  We're here to help.


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