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Following years researching a staggering number of products and technologies available in the market, we began development on the best quality products in the world based on its sustainability, Bioavailability and cultivation methods. Our parternships with farms, and sourcers are elite. Each ingredient is intentional, and hand-selected to ensure that we have the most effective and impactful results. We believe in raising the standards of the current industry.




Our philosophy is to produce the cleanest and most effective products, whilst providing complete transparency on information for what different elements mean to you. We deliver on the best customer services and engage with our customers throughout your Boshang product journey.




Our mission is to produce premium products to the UK's demanding market, provide the highest level of customer services to all our users and provide the latest and most reputable news and analysis on a growing but somewhat confusing world of CBD and the benefits they may provide to users. We set the highest standards throughout the sourcing, process with strong quality control from each stage of the process and with the final product tested by independent auditors.  




Our bloggers provide news from scientific development, regulations, and reports on our favourite stories, recipes, and events from around the world. Our blogs are independently verified and fact checked to ensure that we provide the best advice for the interests of our users' body and mind; however, we never claim our products or any third party products have any health benefits.  We always advise that you meet with your doctor first to determine if our products meet your needs.      





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